Artists' Prints and Books — Group Exhibition

From January 4 – February 2, 1980, the SVA Tribeca Gallery displayed student works curated by Al Brunelle of the Printmaking Department. It included prints by Geraldine Cosentino, Samantha Dorfman, Laura Hammond, Marcella Montoute, H. Bauer, JoAnne Lobotsky, Gregory Putkowski, Tim Daly, Pat Kinsley, Lisa Lehmann Huber, Lisa de St. Croix, Jody Jorgensen, Andrea Alampi, Ed Princhinello, Rosanna Piselli, John Macloughlin, Sara Bridgman, Wayne Montecalvo and C. M. Bullard, and books by Andrea Scrima, Samantha McEwen, Laura Wood, Jerry Cox, Rodney Greenblat, Charles Galliher, Susan Hoffer and Louise P. Sloane. Unfortunately, no photographs of the show remain.

Printed materials